NJ Home Inspector

Getting your home inspection report can be the most anxiety provoking part of any real estate transaction.

Take a deep breath – remember that no home is perfect and what you are feeling is completely normal.

Here are some tips and reminders for reading a home inspection report.

How much is a home inspection in nj


Reading the full report will maximize your spending and gives you the most bang for your buck. It gives a complete picture and minimizes the likelihood of having any surprises after your purchase. If you can’t read the full report at first, at least read the summary carefully and return to the report when you have more time. Don’t forget that discovering your future home is your responsibility as the owner. Take the time to learn about the key systems and components.


It can be tempting to ask the seller to address all of the items on the report including the minor defects or maintenance recommendations. Consider the fact that most markets are seller’s markets. So keep that in mind if the seller refuses to address minor concerns. Try to focus on and negotiate the most important health and safety issues.


It’s normal not to know how much each repair or maintenance item might cost. Ask your agent to help you to determine the typical costs in the Northern NJ area. You can also do a google search but it may not be accurate for the area or particular point in time (hello inflation!).


Owning a house is a long-term game. Take another deep breath and resist the urge that everything needs to be perfect before moving in. You can likely live with a good majority of the items on a home inspection report. Over time you will gradually upgrade and prioritize improvements. During this time you and your family will be able to enjoy your home and being your newest journey together. Enjoy!

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