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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is the perfect time of year to give your home a deep clean and start fresh. To ensure you cover all relevant areas, Craftsman Home Inspection Services have put together a detailed spring cleaning checklist.

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First, it is very important to clean and inspect the HVAC system. Replace air filters, clean ducts, and schedule an inspection with a professional to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

Now it’s time to give the windows a thorough cleaning. You need to wash the windows inside and out and check for signs of damage or leaks.

Roof inspection and cleaning are equally important. You should check for signs of damage, such as missing or damaged shingles, and remove debris from gutters and downspouts.

It is also very important to clean and check the plumbing system. Check for leaks or clogs and have the sewer line checked.

Clean and inspect your appliances including the fridge, oven, and more. Check for signs of wear and tear.

You should also clean and tidy your garage and make sure the floor or walls show no signs of damage.

Check the electrical system for signs of wear, such as frayed cables or worn sockets. If you are not sure if you can do this yourself, it is best to have the electrical system checked by a professional.

Clean deck or patio and inspect for signs of damage or rot.

Check the foundation for cracks or sagging and have the foundation checked by a professional.

Finally, check your fireplaces and chimneys for damage or blockages and have them cleaned and checked by a professional.

By completing this spring cleaning checklist, you can ensure your home is in good condition, functioning efficiently and ready for the warmer months ahead. If you need help with a spring cleaning or home inspection, contact Craftsman Home Inspection Services for a comprehensive annual inspection.

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