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If I am buying a home “as is,” should I have the home inspected?

How much is a home inspection in nj

Absolutely! Here’s why a home inspection is crucial even for an “as-is” purchase:

  • Knowledge is power: An inspection reveals the home’s condition, from major systems like electrical and plumbing to potential roof leaks or foundation cracks. Even with an “as-is” sale, this knowledge empowers you to:
    • Negotiate a lower price: The inspection report becomes leverage for negotiating a price that reflects the repairs needed.
    • Budget for upcoming repairs: You’ll have a clearer picture of potential costs associated with bringing the house up to standard.
    • Make informed decisions: The report can uncover hidden issues that might affect your decision to move forward or walk away.
  • Sellers aren’t mind readers: “As-is” doesn’t mean the seller knows everything about the house. The inspection can identify problems the seller wasn’t aware of, potentially saving you from unexpected headaches down the road.
  • Peace of mind: An inspection provides valuable peace of mind. You’ll go into the purchase with a better understanding of what you’re getting and the potential costs involved.

In short, even though the seller won’t be fixing things, a home inspection for an “as-is” property educates you, empowers you to negotiate, and helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.

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